Violeta Abramova

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About Violeta

Violeta began dancing at fourteen years old because it seemed like it would be a cool thing to do. It turns out that it was, and Violeta soon found herself training competitively in International Latin and Standard, dedicating many hours to rehearsing, perfecting, and practicing. During her teen years, she and her partner found competitive success as Youth Regional Gold Standard and Latin Champions and Adult Syllabus National Semi-Finalists. Violeta is a dancer who cares about the details, and through her many years of training, she has come to a deeper understanding of the mechanics of dancing, yet has a way of communicating sometimes confusing concepts in simple terms. Her students also appreciate her engaging personality and true dedication to their progress.

Violeta loves dancing, and she wants her students to love it too!

Violeta has been teaching dance for four years and is currently one of Aria’s Children and Youth program teachers. Her experience and training have prepared her to teach students of any age or any couple wanting to learn and choreograph a customized wedding dance to their chosen song.


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